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Find a Doctor
Search our referral database of doctors who treat vascular lesions and other skin conditions with laser and IPL therapy
Laser Therapy
How laser and intense pulse light (IPL) devices work, articles about laser and IPL therapy
Makeup and Skincare
Makeup products for covering it up, makeup tools and tips, on-going treatment and skin care
What are Birthmarks and Port Wine Stains (PWS)?
Basic information of types of vascular and pigmented birthmarks, related medical conditions and syndromes, a definition of Port Wine Stain, classifying PWS, and treatment options.
Psychological, Social, and Emotional Issues
They psychosocial challenges of living with PWS can be just as difficult as the medical issues.
Parent's Primer
Starting point for those who are parenting or caring for a child with a port wine stain or other birthmark, helping a child with their reactions to self and other's reactions
Essential information for convincing your insurance company to pay for treatments, advice for handling insurance appeals
Treatment Resources
Products to ease pain for both pre-op and post-op, advice on healing and reducing scarring
Recommended Reading, Listening and Viewing
Stories and reference books, CDs, and DVDs about birthmarks, living with facial and body differences, conference and research discourses, and more!
Resource Links
Listing of Associations, Foundations, Medical Organizations, and medical information web sites
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to basic questions about port wine stains (PWS) and other birthmarks.
Myths, urban legends, misinformation, and disinformation
Old Wives Tales: Our ongoing collection of Old Wives Tales about how people get birthmarks. A definite must-read!
Folklore, Facts, and Fallacies: A gathering of folklore, facts, and downright fallacies about birthmarks.
Disclaimer: Information accessed and provided through resources (website, newsgroup, newsletters, and e-mails.) is presented in summary form in order to impart general information relating to the diagnosis and treatment of port wine stains, tattoo removal, and other skin disorders. Such information is not complete and should not be used as a substitute for a consultation or visit with your physician, health care provider, or board certified specialist. Information accessed through our resources is not exhaustive and does not cover every aspect of port wine stains, tattoo removal, and other skin disorders. makes no warranty as to the information's completeness, reliability or accuracy. Should you have any health care related questions regarding this matter, please see your health care provider promptly. Information provided in response to email questions is generic and not intended to be specific to any one patient. Each patient should see his or her physician, health care provider, or board certified specialist regarding their condition.